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PLEADE is an open source software which can be run on a free platform; it is thus possible to download all necessary components to install and use it. In this document, we will provide brif informations about needed tools and how to install them.

1) Java

You need a Java virtual machine to run PLEADE. As a matter of fact, any computer that can run a Java virtual machine (version 1.3 or higher) may run PLEADE, including various kinds of UNIXes, Linux, OS-X and of course Windows NT/2000/XP.

JAva 1.3 or 1.4 is needed, and in particular you need a Java development kit (JDK), not only a Java runtime environment (JRE). There are numerous Java distributions, the most common one being Sun's:

Once installed, you should define an environment variable called JAVA_HOME and assign as the value the directory where you installed Java. Under Windows, you can define an environment variable using the System control panel, in the Advanced tab.

2) Servlet engine

The servlet engine is a tool for executing dynamic Web applications written in Java. Most of the time, the Apache Jakarta Tomat servlet engine is used. It is even more convenient since it can also run as a Web server, which is handy for testing purposes. You may download Tomcat from from its main Web site. Versions 5.0.x of Tomcat are known to work very well with PLEADE.

3) SDX

PLEADE is an SDX application, so this particular platform must first be installed. We strngy suggest to use the latest available release of SDX, which can be found here:

To install SDX, you must download the .war file, rename it sdx.war, and copy it in the webapps directory of your servlet engine (Tomcat for instance). Then start up your servlet engine and go to the URL [host and port]/sdx/, then follow the instructions for setting up a superuser account for SDX.


You can download the latest version of PLEADE from the files section the project's site on Sourceforge:

Two distributions are always available on this site, in ZIP (suitable for Windows systems) or GZIP (for Linux/UNIX OSes). Both archives formats contain exactly the same files.

The complete distribution is always named pleade-[version-number].{zip|tgz}. It contains all sources for PLEADE (in the src folder), along with examples (in the examples folder) and HTML documentation (in the documentation folder). You should use this version if you wish to make a custom installation of PLEADE or to get the examples and the documentation.

The SDX application distribution of PLEADE is always named pleade-sdxapp-[version-number].{zip|tgz}. It contains only the files to copy in a working installation of SDX. You may use this distribution for quickly testing PLEADE or if you don't want examples and documentation.

4.1) Installing the SDX application distribution

In order to install this distribution, you must only uncompress the downloaded archive and copy the pl folder into the webapps/sdx folder of your SDX installation. Don't forget afterwards to use the SDX admin interface to open the newly copied application (see instructions below).

4.2) Installing the complete distribution

For installing the complete distribution, you must uncompress the archive in a folder and follow these steps:

  1. Open the file in a test editor.

  2. Modify the three properties found in this in order to make them suitable for your setup. The instructions are available in the file.

  3. Run the install.bat or script to create an SDX application.

  4. Copy the folder found in the build/sdxapp folder (by default this folder will be named pl in the webapps/sdx folder of your SDX installation.

  5. In the administration interface of SDX (at the URL {TOMCAT_HOME}/sdx/sdx/admin/), once identified as a superuser, open the newly copied application by choosing the right folder in the applications section of the admin interface.

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